Roosevelt Lake Marina, Arizona

Are you planning to go on vacation anytime soon? Why don’t you try traveling to Roosevelt Lake Marina in Arizona? If you ever find time to go to this place, you will certainly have all the advantages and benefits of this experience sooner rather than later.

Benefits of Visiting Roosevelt Lake Marina, Arizona

Some of these benefits are as follows:

The Premier Boating Destination

In the Roosevelt Lake Marina, you will certainly enjoy a wonderful experience riding boats on the lake. Whether you would want to have a large or medium sized boat, this particular location will have everything ready for you in no time.

this picture shows the roosevelt lake

The Most Affordable Prices

Are you worried about the expensive rentals? You don’t have to worry too much about that because these rentals are far more affordable than any other rental fees out there. We saved a lot of money once we got our popcorn ceiling removal. Whether you are going to rent camping and fishing gear or any type of boat for the day, you will certainly be able to afford all of our available merchandise.

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Pleasant Harbor Marina

Pleasant Harbor Marina is located nearby to downtown Phoenix just 45 minutes away, this is the nearest entrance to the Lake Pleasant. It remains open for public for 365 days in a year. The Pleasant Harbor Marina is a big and full-service marina. It has an RV Park, Dillon’s featured restaurant. The array of boats and Phoenix Boat Cruise is a fun thing to do at Pleasant Harbor Marina. It has waterslides and sports rentals too for tourist to enjoy. Pleasant Harbor has a clubhouse, bocce ball, Jacuzzi and pool, horse board, shuffleboard, laundry facility, horseshoes, convenience store, showers, and also picnic grounds.

The More Entertaining Lake

The Pleasant Harbor is located at the charming southeast shores of Pleasant Lake. It is open for public and provides facilities including fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, scaling, wakeboarding, flyboarding, and even kayaking! Whatever you need to enjoy and escape from congested urban life or looking for fun at waterside the Lake Pleasant, being unique, is perfect for you.

The Pleasant Harbor consists of four-lane boat ramps for accommodating various watercraft. The South ramp is good for sailboats. We talk about Pleasant Harbor commonly now that we live in a city of a similar name. In fact, our 4 year old was really confused when we hired Pleasanton Concrete And Masonry to work on some projects around our backyard. We are always reminded of the good times at Pleasant Harbor when they come around.

this image shows the pleasant harbor marina

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Visit to Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro has a lot of things to offer. Aside from having breathtaking views, you can also visit historic cities, taste unexceptional food, enjoy decent service, and amazing how friendly this small country is. Porto Montenegro is a small country in Europe.

If you are fond of great beaches, historic towns, and outdoor activities, you should include Porto Montenegro in the lists of places you will visit.

this picture shows the porto montenegro

Wide Range of Places to Visit in Porto Montenegro

There are many places to visit in Porto Montenegro but here are the few places to visit while you are in there:

Bay of Kotor

Bay of Kotor is shaped like a butterfly that includes blue water with a mountain backdrop along with Venetian-era and medieval towns. If you love to hike or go ride with a mountain bike, this place is great for you.

Porto Montenegro

Porto Montenegro is a luxurious and modern marina that’s a part of Tivat. In here, you can find large yachts, international dining restaurants, expensive boutiques, and luxury waterfronts.

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Travel to Port de Saint Tropez, France

Have you ever heard of the Port de Saint Tropez in France? Yes, there are lots of celebrities, glamour, and exclusive clubs. But have you wondered about the things you can do while you are in Port de Saint Tropez?

Saint Tropez is smaller than Marseille and Nice. It is just a small town that is in the shoreline. Saint Tropez has only a population of almost 5000 people. It does not matter if you are going here in Port de Saint Tropez for a luxurious long getaway or you will just spend your weekends here, Saint Tropez has a lot to offer.

Relax on the Beach

You cannot leave Port de Saint Tropez without getting your feet on the beach. Beaches here in Saint Tropez are marvelous – plus the color of the water is turquoise. Here are the following beaches you can visit:

  • Plage des Canoubiers
  • Tahiti
  • Plage de la Ponche
  • Moorea
  • Plage de Pampelonne
  • Plage de la Bouillabaisse
  • Plage des Graniers
this image shows the Travel to Port de Saint Tropez in France

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Why You Must Visit Berryessa Shores (Lake Berryessa) Before You Die

Lake Berryessa serves as a reservoir for Monticello Dam which is located in Napa County, California. The 20,000 acres of the reservoir was built by 1963 with a total volume capacity of 80 cm3.

Being the largest lake in California, the Lake Berryessa does not only stores water to generate hydroelectricity but offers interesting recreational activities and breathe taking views!

This image shows the aerial view of Berryessa Lake

The Landscape

With warm summers and wet winters, the Berryessa shores is a great place to visit and take a break from the bustling urban life. The lush green hills surrounding the lake fill the atmosphere with a unique and refreshing element that is surely worth experiencing!

Moreover, it is interesting to note that the Green Valley Fault runs parallel to the lake in the west hills. Also, the presence of the exceptional flora and fauna is quite remarkable with plants like white alder and leather oak swaying in a harmonious motion while you hike in the luxuriant vegetation.

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Antelope Point Marina in Arizona

this picture shows antelope point marina in arizona

If you truly want to enjoy yourself in the outdoors, one of the best ways to do so would be to spend time boating on a lake. One of the most famous docks that you can visit in Arizona would be the one in Antelope Point.

It will be your gateway to Lake Powell. A pure and unadulterated body of water that can give you the most relaxing experience you can have with nature amid the arid climate of Arizona.

What Can They Offer?

Food and Entertainment

Antelope Point offers a lot of services such as boat tours and private charters that will allow tourists and other local travelers to enjoy the sights and sounds of the lake without interruption. If you grow hungry during the tour, why don’t you stop by the floating restaurant and lounge located in the middle of the lake?

You will certainly be able to take in the unique sights while enjoying the food for sure.

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Why You Should Visit Scorpion Bay Marina

Scorpion Bay Marina is a recreational site with Lake Pleasant as its main feature. This artificial lake is located in the midst of Sonoran Desert in Arizona, United States of America. Originally created in 1927 by the Waddell Dam, the lake’s surface area was tripled when a new dam was built as a part of Central Arizona Project Adequate in 1973. However, the volume of the lake remained low due to droughts and was recovered in 2005. Today, the Scorpion Marina Bay is a favorite visiting place and tourist attraction!

Variation in Landscape

With huge barren mountains present in the background and a 23,000 acres of desert surrounding the lake, Scorpion Bay Marina provides a breath taking view. Between the lake and desert lies a narrow strip of beach sand, which allows visitors to walk without fearing cactus to prick their feet. Moreover, camping families can play games and spend quality time together.

this image shows scorpion bay marina

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