Why You Should Visit Scorpion Bay Marina

Scorpion Bay Marina is a recreational site with Lake Pleasant as its main feature. This artificial lake is located in the midst of Sonoran Desert in Arizona, United States of America. Originally created in 1927 by the Waddell Dam, the lake’s surface area was tripled when a new dam was built as a part of Central Arizona Project Adequate in 1973. However, the volume of the lake remained low due to droughts and was recovered in 2005. Today, the Scorpion Marina Bay is a favorite visiting place and tourist attraction!

Variation in Landscape

With huge barren mountains present in the background and a 23,000 acres of desert surrounding the lake, Scorpion Bay Marina provides a breath taking view. Between the lake and desert lies a narrow strip of beach sand, which allows visitors to walk without fearing cactus to prick their feet. Moreover, camping families can play games and spend quality time together.

this image shows scorpion bay marina

Although the sparse vegetation of desert comprises of cactus and spiky bushes , it also serves as a great place for hiking and exploring nature !

The Lake

It is amazing to note that the Scorpion Bay Marina’s management does not restrict or limit their visitors when it comes to discovering the beauty of the lake! A small visitors area has been especially built to allow people to view the lake as well as the dam from a height. Or if heights scare you then the options of enjoying the scenery through boating, water skiing and kiteboarding are also available.

The lake’s Harbor Marina also offers docking and rental facility for further feasibility. Moreover, visitors are allowed to swim and scuba dive but on their own risk as the management does not provide lifeguards.

If you are passionate about fishing and withhold Arizona fishing license then Scorpion Bay Marina can prove to be a very interesting place for you in account of the variety available. The following fish species are inhabitants of the lake:

  • White Bass
  • Striped Bass
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Buffalo Fish
  • Carp
  • Tilapia
  • Catfish

Dillion’s Restaurant

Scorpion Bay Marina is just not a recreational park but a place where you can discover amazing tastes at nominal rates. Sitting in the dock at the water’s edge, the Dillion’s restaurant holds immense popularity for it’s mouth watering and affordable food. The journey to the restaurant may seem a little difficult with metal stairs to descend towards the dock, however, you can always choose the caged lift and save the trouble.

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