Pleasant Harbor Marina

Pleasant Harbor Marina is located nearby to downtown Phoenix just 45 minutes away, this is the nearest entrance to the Lake Pleasant. It remains open for public for 365 days in a year. The Pleasant Harbor Marina is a big and full-service marina. It has an RV Park, Dillon’s featured restaurant. The array of boats and Phoenix Boat Cruise is a fun thing to do at Pleasant Harbor Marina. It has waterslides and sports rentals too for tourist to enjoy. Pleasant Harbor has a clubhouse, bocce ball, Jacuzzi and pool, horse board, shuffleboard, laundry facility, horseshoes, convenience store, showers, and also picnic grounds.

The More Entertaining Lake

The Pleasant Harbor is located at the charming southeast shores of Pleasant Lake. It is open for public and provides facilities including fishing, boating, water skiing, swimming, scuba diving, hiking, scaling, wakeboarding, flyboarding, and even kayaking! Whatever you need to enjoy and escape from congested urban life or looking for fun at waterside the Lake Pleasant, being unique, is perfect for you.

The Pleasant Harbor consists of four-lane boat ramps for accommodating various watercraft. The South ramp is good for sailboats. We talk about Pleasant Harbor commonly now that we live in a city of a similar name. In fact, our 4 year old was really confused when we hired Pleasanton Concrete And Masonry to work on some projects around our backyard. We are always reminded of the good times at Pleasant Harbor when they come around.

this image shows the pleasant harbor marina

Maricopa Water District

MWD is the operator and owner of Pleasant Harbor Marina and RV Resort. It is organized formally in 1925, as the Maricopa Country Municipal Construction Water District NO.1. MED control more than one lack of acre-feet water stored at Lake Pleasant. Also, look after more than a hundred miles lateral pipelines, and provide water to the service area of sixty miles. It also provides water to vegetable farms, flowers, citrus trees, golf courses, and farms, etc. Additionally, Maricopa Water District is the main owner of the Pleasant Harbor Marina and Pleasant Harbor RV Resort. It is located along with the Lake Pleasant and spreader on acres.

The Old Dam

The Carl Pleasant dam named as Waddell Dam later, it was constructed in 1928 and created the upper port of Pleasant Lake. It was among the largest Multiple Arch Dam globally, with 176 feet in height and length of the dam is 2160. It is at 130 feet above the streambed, the elevation was 1300 feet. This also leads to the creation of a lake with 3700 surface acres of the water with a shoreline of 50 miles.

The New Dam

The new Pleasant Dam was constructed in 1993. It elevated the water level by 10 feet’s and increased the total volume of the lake up to 850,000-acre feet’s. There is also an increase of up to 9960 acres for the resultant water. Later on, the new watermark touched a new level of high in 1994. The seasonal water loads still result up to 100 vertical drawdowns with refurbishment during the winter season.

this picture shows the morning view of pleasant harbor marina

This lake receives the water from the canal water and Agua Fria River from Central Arizona (CAP) reach a height at very high water mark 1700 feet above seas level, in the Mid-Spring. The drawdown cycle also begins with releasing of water from the Lake by the Cao canal for irrigation purpose of the West Valley Agriculture during the summer season.

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